CBC’s Global Outreach Vision:
To establish strong, indigenous churches among the least-reached people of the world.

At CBC, there are three broad categories of global ministry. Our Global Outreach Partners (we no longer refer to them as missionaries) and projects play a strategic role in one of these categories in a culture or people where God is leading CBC to work.

Church Planting. Building relationships among unreached people, performing acts of kindness and sharing the Gospel, resulting in new believers and churches being planted.

Enablement/Discipleship. Utilizing our God-given gifts, we provide biblical teaching and principles to new believers, enabling them to become a self-sustaining and reproducing church.

Mobilization. Assisting churches, agencies and Global Outreach Partners to effectively work together to establish churches through networking, training and sharing resources.

By way of obedience, involvement, action, and commitment, in partnership with CBC’s Global Outreach Ministry, we can all be involved in church planting, enablement/discipleship, and mobilization, resulting in global and local transformation of communities, one life at a time.

Global Outreach Ministry Team contacts:
Ted Lundquist
Ron Solórzano

First water from a new well.

First water from a new well.

Water Wells for India

Praise the Lord!  Donations for our Water Well Project reached $13,000, exceeding our goal by $4,000!

We are now able to build 20 wells! CBC's original goal was to collect $9,000 to build 15 wells.  These wells are to be installed in central and northern India for the network of Christians with whom our Global Outreach Partners, Ted and Judy Olsen, are involved. The need is very real.

The Hindu majority in these areas forbids Christians to use village water, so believers must walk up to 5 miles to get water.  Once the new wells are installed, these believers generously allow their Hindu neighbors to use the water and thus, become witnesses of the goodness of our Lord, the true Living Water. Our Lord placed this project upon the hearts of the CBC congregation, and now we can bless many Indian believers with 20 wells. Praise the Lord!

It is not a question of rainfall in this area of India but of water with minimum contamination. 

More information coming soon...