Ministry Leadership Covenant

The goal of this covenant is to help us all be accountable for being the people God called us to be, living our lives close to God and clean before Him, so that people are transformed as the Holy Spirit uses the witness of our life to call them to a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Please carefully read the following covenant and check the appropriate box for each statement. Please sign and date the bottom, indicating your commitment as a servant leader at Crossroads Bible Church.

Membership Covenant

I have received Christ as my Lord and Savior, been baptized by immersion, completed the membership class, and agree with Crossroads’ Declaration of Faith, Constitution, and Bylaws. I am being led by the Holy Spirit to unite with the Crossroads church family. In doing so, I commit myself to God and to the other members to do the following:

CBC Facility Room Request

All events must be approved by staff prior to being added to the calendar.